Every year millions of people are injured in motor vehicle accidents. Motor vehicle accidents are the leading cause of injury in the United States for people ages 1-34.

Many vehicle manufacturers have made safety improvements to their vehicles including air bags, rollover bars, reinforced frames, better tires, etc. Additionally, many states have passed tougher drunk driving laws. As a result, many lives may have been spared. However, with an ever increasing number of vehicles on the road, motor vehicle accidents still occur with alarming frequency. In fact, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, every 10 seconds someone in the United States is involved in a car accident.

If you have been involved in a motor vehicle collision, either as a driver, passenger, bicyclist, pedestrian or motorcycle rider, you may have a claim for damages against the other driver, that person’s insurer, your own insurer or perhaps someone else.

If you find yourself the victim of such a collision, you should gather as much information as possible before leaving the scene of the collision. This includes any and all information identifying any other drivers and vehicles involved, including driver’s license numbers, license plate numbers and insurance company policy numbers. This includes any and all witnesses, including nearby businesses or buildings which may have video cameras pointed in the direction of the collision. If possible, photograph damage to the vehicles, the roadway where the collision occurred and the surrounding area. It also helps to photograph driver’s licenses and insurance cards.

You should call the police, but unless one of the persons involved needs an ambulance or was intoxicated, reckless or otherwise under the influence, the police may not report to the scene; or may not make a report.