To anticipate everything that happens due to accidents, whether it’s slipping or falling, then you have to know your surroundings. You also have to have basic first aid in an accident like this. Moreover, these common slip and fall injuries can happen wherever you are if you don’t prepare everything.

It could be when you are going to a party, on your way to school, to work, shopping, or even when you are at home can also cause a fatal accident if you are not careful. Because all places are equally dangerous and can have the opportunity to injure you. It can also be life-changing.

Therefore it would be nice if you also pay attention to what are the impacts caused by an accident even though this looks like a small accident. Especially when a work accident such as falling, tripping, or even slipping. This is still a serious problem that can even cause death for workers.

Common slip and fall injuries can cause serious injuries to the knees, ankles, and wrists, as well as to the back. In addition, it can also cause severe bone injury. This problem is all clear regardless of whatever reason caused you to fall or hit the ground even if it was unintentional.

Following are Some Issues Regarding Common Slip and Fall Injuries that Need Attention

1. Injuries in the Form of Spinal Fractures

Injuries in the Form of Spinal Fractures
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Problems that can be fatal if you experience a common slip and fall injuries can cause spinal cord injuries. Not only in the spine but it also involves problems regarding pinched nerves, herniations, as well as other types of injuries that can weaken other nerves, this will certainly be painful if not treated properly.

Injury problems like this will also be accompanied by effects and symptoms that can vary widely, ranging from pain in the bones to causing partial paralysis of the nerves. Do not underestimate injuries to the spine as these can be classified as incomplete injuries or complete injuries depending on the damage to the spine.

2. Severe Bone Injury

Severe Bone Injury
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Subsequent injuries were still severe bone in other parts. Especially if you have a small accident, even if you just fall or slip, it can still cause broken bones. Even in the elderly, injury problems like this are very prone to occur when they fall anywhere.

Of the various parts of fractures that usually occur, the most dangerous bone fracture is a broken hip, which in this area has the potential to cause various types of complications, up to the most severe. Meanwhile, the types of fractures that are easily cured in a short time are fractures of the lower back, shoulders, arms, and legs.

3. Concussion Injury

Concussion Injury
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If earlier it was a multiple fracture injury, this time it is a common slip and fall injury in the context of causing a concussion. This happens so frequently that it causes the most serious accidents when it hits the ground. This happens when you hit the ground and experience a very hard shock, especially if you hit the head hard.

An injury like this also begins with the symptoms that are felt after an accident like this. Symptoms usually include feeling dizzy, severe headaches, often feeling confused, experiencing a foggy feeling accompanied by intense ringing in the ears, and also easily experiencing nausea. Even lost consciousness afterward.

4. Ankle Injury Accompanied by a Knee Injury

Ankle Injury Accompanied by a Knee Injury
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When you fall or slip, but your leg is swollen and the pain is very painful, you could have injured your ankle or injured your knee. If it is not addressed immediately, it will obviously be very severe. Especially if it is sprained and the condition of the leg is very tense, usually what often happens is caused by holding a part of the body and hitting it.

If you hit it very hard, this part has the potential to be seriously injured. This usually happens if the injury has involved the nerves and soft tissues. Wounds caused by fractures will swell and become very painful if not treated immediately with the right steps.


For those of you who are experiencing a common slip and fall injuries like this, it would be nice to immediately go to a place for proper and reliable treatment so that it doesn’t get more fatal. Don’t wait for other symptoms to be examined, after experiencing a fall or slip, deal with it immediately before it becomes a problem.

Even when you experience common slip and fall injuries at unexpected times and in places that are not accessible by many people, for example when climbing, you must have your own first aid measures so you can deal with conditions like this properly. Don’t be careless when taking steps in a vulnerable situation like this.


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