Adopting the name of your spouse is a statement that you are married. Besides giving a better connection with your new family, it makes your days after marriage less challenging than keeping your maiden moniker. However, a legal name change Michigan after marriage can be a daunting task.

Updating your last name takes extra steps and requires more piles of documents. That is because obtaining a new legal name does not automatically alter the information on your passport, bank account, and other necessary documents. You may need to go back and forth to get the tasks done.

Steps to Change Name After Marriage in Michigan

The process of legal name change varies by state. If you are recently married and live in Michigan, prepare yourself for the following work. Make sure you do not have travel plans in the short future as it typically takes a few months.

1. Get a Marriage License

Get a Marriage License legal name change michigan after marriage

The very first step to using your husband’s last name is to get a marriage license. You will need to visit a licensing bureau in your county and bring a birth record as well as a valid photo ID. It usually takes around 3 days to obtain a marriage license and costs $20 – $30.

Please keep in mind that the name change process may also require certified copies of the marriage license. You will want to submit an application form separately to get those copies.

Petition for a Legal Name Change

Depending on the type of name change, you may need to petition the court to execute a legal name change. For instance, you want to keep your maiden name in the middle of your new name instead of eliminating it. In this case, the court order becomes your legal document.

To complete a petition to change your name, visit the official website of the Michigan Courts. Submit the original form and keep the copy for yourself. Oftentimes, you are required to get a criminal background which elongates the process of legal name change Michigan after marriage.

3. Get a Name Change from Social Security Administration

Get a Name Change from Social Security Administration

After obtaining the court order, now you have legal name change evidence. Bring the court order or marriage certificate copy to several agencies. You can start with the Social Security Administration (SSA) to upgrade your Social Security card.

Some documents you need to prepare when visiting the SSA agency are a certified copy of your legal name change, driver’s license as proof of identity, proof of citizenship, and form SS-5. If you have a problem providing the documents, please visit the official website of SSA for queries.

4. Get a New Passport

Get a New Passport legal name change michigan after marriage

Although you are not planning an international trip, it is necessary to update your passport when it comes to legal name changes. An updated passport provides extra evidence of the latest personal information, not to mention it may help you in case you have problems updating your driver’s license.

Different documents are needed for different categories including passport correction, renewal, and new application. If your current passport is still in good condition, you will fall into the passport renewal category that requires an application form, current passport, name change document, and a color photo.

5. Update Your Driver’s License

Update Your Driver’s License

To complete the process of legal name change Michigan after marriage, you will need to update your driver’s license at the Secretary of State’s office. You must come in person to take a new photograph. Don’t forget to bring your current driver’s license and a certified marriage license.

The renewal fee for a corrected driver’s license is around $9 while an enhanced driver’s license costs $24. If you do not have much time to wait, feel free to make an online appointment.

6. Change Your Name on Your Bank Accounts

Change Your Name on Your Bank Accounts

Updating the information on your bank accounts is a must as soon as you obtained the new name. Visit the nearby branch of your bank in person or send a certified copy of the marriage license via email if possible. The required documents and processes may vary by the bank.

Some documents you need to prepare include an updated social security card, a new driver’s license, and a certified copy of the marriage license. But to make it clearer, it is highly recommended to call your bank prior to your visit.

7. Complete Your Name Change

Complete Your Name Change

Despite the long and tedious processes, legal name change Michigan after marriage is not yet completed. You still have to update your contact information in other places like your company, insurance, credit cards, mortgage, rent, and so forth.

Your name is personal information that you use everywhere. Since a small difference can cause major issues in the future, it is important to make sure you do not forget something important. Ask your partner to help you with a personalized checklist so you wouldn’t miss the details.

Is It Necessary to Publish Notice of Your Name Change?

Is It Necessary to Publish Notice of Your Name Change?

In Michigan, the notices of name change court order must be declared. The information is published in a local newspaper, which gives people a chance to object to it for some reason. But it is also possible to ask the judge to keep it unpublished if you know it would be dangerous.

Some courts in the county cooperate with the legal news for local publications. Any hearing conducted in these courts will be sent to the legal news for publishing. You may be charged for this publication and the price varies depending on the county.

If the court does not work with the local legal news, it may require you to reach a local newspaper for a notice publication. The cost may vary depending on several factors.

You may ask the judge not to publish the notice of the name change for good reasons. For instance, it would put you at risk of discrimination, physical danger, or other important reasons. File your petition and the judge will decide what to do with your request.

Completing your legal name change Michigan after marriage is not a simple process. You have to go back and forth to the associated institutions and make changes anywhere necessary from your driver’s license to bank accounts and insurance information.

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