When traveling by sea by boat, you will definitely prepare for every need very carefully. Starting from food supplies, and money to other equipment that you might use to have fun while traveling or on vacation by boat. Every professional captain must understand that and pay attention to the safety of ship passengers. But what is the cause of most boating accidents? Because sometimes as an ordinary passenger, you only pay attention to personal preparation and forget about safety.

Going on a boat for recreation is an experience in itself because not everyone can get this opportunity. However, this activity has quite serious risks. Like a boat accident. Accidents while driving a ship or boat can result in injury or even death.

There are many reasons for accidents while on a boat, such as failure to operate a boat or fatigue when controlling a boat.

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What Is The Cause Of Most Boating Accidents That Many People Worry About?

Before discussing the things that cause boat accidents, you need to know that each country has its own rules and laws for safety when driving on water. The following are some of the causes of ship accidents that often occur.

1. Lack of Operator Attention

Lack of Operator Attention
Source : Suzuki.co.id

A recreational boat operator must pay attention to water conditions, weather, and things around the boat to ensure the safety of the boat he controls. Visitor safety is the main thing that must be considered by the steering operator.

If the steering operator does not pay attention to the situation, passengers may be close to the risk of an accident and endanger safety. The cause of ship accidents due to driver negligence often occurs. So you have to be careful when choosing a ship with tight operator security.

2. Inexperienced Steering Operator

Inexperienced Steering Operator
Source : Marinetraining.eu

Some steering operators may have completed steering courses. But when you have a course, it doesn’t mean you can drive a ship as you like. Because driving a ship also requires a lot of experience.

So you still need a lot of practice and high-flying hours before you can actually drive a ship safely and safely. That way it will minimize the cause of ship accidents. It should be remembered that experience guarantees better steering operation and guaranteed safety.

3. What Is The Cause Of Most Boating Accidents If Not Speed?

What Is The Cause Of Most Boating Accidents If Not Speed?
Source : Kabarpenumpang.com

Too fast in driving a ship or boat can be one of the most fatal causes of ship accidents. Even though driving a fast ship feels fun and stimulates adrenaline, this is very dangerous and the consequences are fatal.

It is known that people who experience ship accidents because they are driving too fast actually know the speed limit for driving a ship. But they ignored it and ended up in an accident while controlling the ship.

4. Engine Failure

Engine Failure
Source : Marineinsight.com

Engine failure could have been the cause of a shipwreck. This is due to the lack of care and attention to the ship’s engines. Like other motorized vehicles, ships also need engine maintenance so that the engine is durable and safe for driving.

If the ship’s engine is properly maintained within a certain period of time, it will minimize the causes of ship accidents. Passengers also feel comfortable while on board and have recreation. Make sure the ship you are on is in prime condition and roadworthy.

5. Weather and Water Conditions

Weather and Water Conditions
Source : Marineinsight.com

Apart from negligence or human error, ship accidents can also occur due to natural conditions. Such as erratic weather and strong winds. Heavy rains made it much more difficult for the ship’s drivers to monitor the ship’s navigation.

Even though it is not the main cause of accidents, ship accidents due to bad weather can have very fatal consequences, even the death of passengers. You need to pay attention to the circumstances and weather conditions when you want to start sailing on a boat for recreation.

Apart from rainfall, you also need to pay attention to the condition of the waves. Because some ship accidents are caused by waves that are too high and make it difficult to control the ship in the waters.

6. What Should Be Done After a Ship Accident?

What Should Be Done After a Ship Accident?
Source : Sumsel.suara.com

If you see a ship accident, then you need to immediately seek help or contact the nearest pier. Then as much as possible to save the drowning people.

If you have a shipwreck and the ship sinks, look for the wreckage and then climb on top of the shipwreck. Make sure you and other passengers have the equipment to save yourself from causing a ship accident.

You can also file a lawsuit against the person responsible for the ship you are on after an accident. To file a lawsuit, you need to keep evidence and seek help to get compensation for the accident you experienced.


Those are some things what is the cause of most boating accidents, seek medical help immediately after you have a boat accident. Avoid the dangers of causing ship accidents to keep you safe. After having an accident, don’t forget to contact the teacher who will represent you to get compensation due to the accident.


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