It is important for you who purchase car insurance about the rights you will get. The crucial point of having car insurance is protecting the car from damage, especially because of an accident. However, some of you might have a question does car insurance cover non accident repairs?

Non-accident is the case where your car cannot function properly because of losing performance, its part, or because of unforeseen circumstances that harm you as the car owner. You should be able to understand which insurance coverage to purchase. Here is an explanation for better understanding.

Does Car Insurance Cover Non Accident Repairs?

Does Car Insurance Cover Non Accident Repairs?

If you wonder does car insurance cover non accident repairs? The answer is yes. The car insurance will pay out as long as the type of car insurance you purchased is comprehensive insurance. The collision type will not cover the damage because of non-accident.

What Kind of Non-Accident Case Will Get Covered?

1. Theft


Some thieves do not steal the whole car, but only some parts of the car. You can expect the car insurance company to cover this damage. It is included in the comprehensive coverage. It is the smartest way to get the reimbursements when this case occurs.

The insurance company will replace the parts of the car which were stolen. However, they will manage the type of spare parts. The car owner can not request customized spare parts or aftermarket ones. The repair because of theft damage will be fully covered.

However, this insurance will not cover the loss of stuff in the car when the theft occurred. The insurance will not pay for it and immediately deny your claim. Thus, you will not be able to reimburse the car rental unless you have purchased rental reimbursement insurance before.

2. Fire damage

Fire damage

The insurance company may cover the damage to repair the car because of the fire, but they will check the cause of the incident first. They will pay out the claimants because of some scenarios such as fire spreading from home, burning cars to hide the accident after the theft, and mechanical defects.

You have to read the policy carefully before purchasing. Some insurance companies might have some exclusions. For example, the company will reimburse the rental car when you repair the initial car or replace the possessions inside the car when it gets damaged because of a fire.

3. Falling objects

Falling objects

There are certain qualifications to include in this criteria. A falling object means there is an object which fell onto the car and it should get repaired. For example, there is a stone that hits your car when you pass a mountainous road or when the wind blows and the tree falls onto it.

Those cases could pass the criteria to get coverage. Read the policy in your comprehensive insurance. Some companies might offer to clean the car from debris, but some others have exclusion for this. Basic car insurance will not cover falling objects since it is not an accident or collision.

4. Natural disasters

Natural disasters does car insurance cover non accident repairs

Damage from a natural disaster brings a great loss since the car repair will be expensive. However, car insurance cover non accident repairs because of disasters. Some cases that are included in disaster areas are floods, storms, and earthquakes.

Natural disasters damage many parts of the car, such as engines and accessories. The car may not be completely damaged, but it will not be well-functioned. Comprehensive insurance will cover the repair because of this case. It is not an add-on insurance unless you purchased the collision insurance.

5. Vandalism


Comprehensive insurance will cover the repair because of vandalism. Vandalism will never be under your control and the damage has been done by the third party. The scenarios under vandalism are broken windows and slashed tires. The basic plan will not cover this issue.

You can immediately file a claim after you find out that your car has been damaged because of vandalism. Making a report can be done with a file attachment of proof to make the claim easier and faster, such as a CCTV file. The reimbursement amount will depend on the insurance company’s policy.

6. Protests and Riots

Protests and Riots does car insurance cover non accident repairs

A riot and protest may damage your car. The scenario is when your car passes the event, it is impossible to avoid then the people in the riot damage yours. Since it is out of your control, the insurance company will cover this case, loss, and damage caused.

However, some companies might not include protests and riots as the cause to cover the repair for non-accident cases. You should make sure that this case is under the policy. These events are manmade and some insurance companies will deny the claim.

7. Damage from animals

Damage from animals

Animal attack is a normal case. The car insurance cover non accident repairs for this issue since it is inevitable in some areas. Animal attacks can be from deer that usually appear on the road. This situation can be covered with comprehensive car insurance.

Is it possible to get an animal attack that is coming from another animal? Your car is still under coverage if the animals are dogs, birds, and some more. You can attach the proof when the animal attacks your car. The repairs can get covered fast as long as it’s under the policy.

8. Poor road condition

Poor road condition

This condition might happen when you leave the city. The car insurance will cover the damage because of poor road conditions, especially if the damage occurs to the engine. However, they won’t cover the transportation while the car is being repaired.

The Cost of Coverage Insurance

The Cost of Coverage Insurance

Since you can get car insurance to cover non-accident repairs when you buy a comprehensive package, then how much money do you have to spend on the insurance? The average price for this coverage is about $298 per year. It is very affordable for the benefits you will get in many scenarios.

The car insurance covers non accident repairs in some scenarios. The cases above are the main cases that you can claim once it happens to your car. Check again the kind of insurance you buy since it only applies to comprehensive insurance.

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