Hail damage usually occurs on your roof and there would be bad leakage when the snow or rain falls. However, this issue is different from others when it comes to time limits. You have to know the hail damage insurance claim time limit before submitting the claim to the insurance company.

Why is it important to claim at the right time? The main reason is that hail damage has the same pattern as other damages which are not from hail. Other reasons might not be in the policy you purchased. Here is more information about the time limit of this coverage.

Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Hail Damage?

Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Hail Damage?

If you live in the States and most subtropical countries where winter brings snow and hail, the insurance usually has hail damage coverage. You don’t have to worry once hail damages the roof of your house. You can file a claim as long as you follow the hail damage insurance claim time limit.

The Hail Damage Insurance Claim Time Limit

The Hail Damage Insurance Claim Time Limit

The insurance company usually follows the laws. They tend to make a rule that the homeowners should report the damage because of hail 30 days after the incident. They immediately handle your claim as soon as possible, especially when it is still in the same season.

Some other companies will give a time limit of up to a year. It is because the issue will be common in the winter. They cannot pay out the insurance claim immediately until the professional contractor and adjuster examine the damage. They need time to check the clients’ houses.

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When Should You File a Hail Damage Claim?

When Should You File a Hail Damage Claim?

The best time to file hail damage claims is after the damage has been done. Since it usually occurs when the snow falls harder than usual, you should have a proper check to the roof. If you notice there is damage from a roof leak, you need to file damage claim as soon as possible.

It is normal when you have no idea if the damage is in the hail damage category. If you doubt it, you can contact a contractor to check the condition of the roof. A proper inspection before filing a claim will give you a bigger chance than the insurance company to pay out your claim.

The Steps of Filing The Hail Damage Claim

1. Prepare documents to file

Prepare documents to file

The first step to file a claim to your insurance company is taking documents that are related to the damage. You should take photos from many angles. Make sure you do it safely since it is on the rooftop. After that, estimate the size of the hail and the hole in the roof because of it.

You may have no idea of the criteria for when the insurance company will insure the damage. Ask them to give you proper information about hail damage. If it is safe until the next rain or snow, do not start repairing the roof until you get the payout from the insurance company.

2. File the claim

File the claim

The next step is filing the claim to the insurance company. You can ask them what kind of document they need and also information about the hail damage insurance claim time limit. Do not pass the time limit, so it is better to file as soon as possible.

The insurance company also has rules and obligations to insure this claim. As the homeowners, know your rights and limitations as well. Discuss with the agent about the homeowners’ insurance that you have purchased and the limit of its coverage.

3. Estimate the repair

Estimate the repair

As the homeowner, you have the right to estimate the cost of repair. Since it may be more costly than you expected, you should discuss it with a professional contractor. The damage might be noticed on the roof, but the effect can be on your windows and conditioning units.

4. Meet with insurance adjuster

Meet with insurance adjuster

The insurance adjuster will check the profile of hail damage before deciding how much you will get as a payout. You can share the cost or repairs according to your note then they will also compare with their own. Processing the claim will start as soon as they agree with the documents you attach.

5. Receive the payout

Receive the payout

When the adjustment has settled your claim, you will receive the payout. Sometimes, the insurance company will pay you once the repair process has finished. The amount may not be the same as your note, but you can ask the company what to expect and the range of payout.

Involve a professional contractor for the work and make sure their background is good and fully licensed. Insurance companies usually pick the best contractor to repair your damage.

The submission of the proof in the range of hail damage insurance claim time limit will help you to get the payout as soon as possible to fix the roof. You have to know the time limit the insurance company gives you under their policy. Contact the adjuster and keep the proof with you for claiming it.