Not a few high school/vocational high school graduates want to continue their education in law. But unfortunately, there are still many high school graduates who do not really understand these majors. If you are one of them, then see the review of the article below regarding tips on entering the law major for high school/vocational school graduates, aka how to prepare for law school in high school.

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How To Prepare For Law School In High School

Of course, there are lots of preparations that you must do before registering to become a law student. If you don’t know how then consider the discussion of the following article regarding tips on becoming a prospective student majoring in law.

1. Get Used to Reading Before Becoming a Student Majoring in Law

Get Used to Reading Before Becoming a Student Majoring in Law
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The first step you can take before entering the best law school is to get used to reading. Basically, this one tip is important for those of you who want to study in any major. However, in this department, you must practice reading because you will be faced with so many legal theories later on.

Apart from that, you also have to know the laws and regulations well, starting from historical values ​​and also the philosophy that must be understood. If you don’t like reading, of course, this one thing will be very heavy and also difficult. Therefore, you must build good reading habits from the start if you want to become a student majoring in law later.

Always Updated on Important Issues Related to the World of Law
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The next answer is to answer the question of how to prepare for law school in high school, namely by always being updated on important issues related to the world of law. For example, you can get this important information through newspapers, magazines, or news sites that discuss the latest legal issues. Not only that, you can even watch YouTube shows and movies that discuss the world of law. That way later this can help you when you are in college or when you are having a discussion on the lecture bench until you have started a career. So that later you will be confident in expressing your opinion on these legal issues.

Sharpen Critical Thinking Skills by Analyzing a Legal Case
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The next tip you can do is hone your critical thinking skills. For example, you can do further analysis of a legal case. After that, you should be able to map out which problems are the most crucial. Of course, the ability to map this problem requires critical thinking skills.

Furthermore, the ability to think critically is a process of seeing and also studying a problem from various points of view. Of course, to have the ability to think critically, you must have a lot of references. one way is by reading to hone critical thinking skills earlier.

4. Practice Public Speaking to Train your Ability to Argue in Front of People

Practice Public Speaking to Train your Ability to Argue in Front of People
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In addition to the three tips above, you are also required to practice public speaking when you are about to enter this law major. Because later you also have to be able to argue in front of people. Of course, the argument against an event or opinion must also be based, right?

You also need to know that in almost every subject, public speaking skills are needed. In fact, in almost all courses you will get the opportunity to conduct group discussions. Where later you have to be able to provide strong and clear arguments.

5. Prepare Yourself to be an Organized Person from the Start

Prepare Yourself to be an Organized Person from the Start
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Finally, you have to prepare yourself to be an organized person from the start if you want to enter this law major. This is none other than because law students will usually have readings piled up as high as mountains. Therefore, like it or not, you must organize it as best you can so that you can carry out each task thoroughly.

Usually, the assignments or exams given by law lecturers are in the form of case studies. To solve this problem you must practice your ability to understand case patterns by reading texts that are similar to what is being studied. Of course, the reading material is not just one, but can be up to a dozen references, and even have to stay up all day!


This is a review of the article on how to prepare for law school in high school, aka various tips on entering law for high school and vocational school graduates. By knowing the review of the article, you can immediately put into practice all the tips above to prepare yourself to become a law student later.


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