Law is one of the most popular majors to date. This is none other than because the law major has a lot of opportunities and even a high salary. Therefore, it is not surprising that many high school or vocational high school graduates are enrolled. Here are various recommendations for jobs for law school graduates for you law graduates.

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Jobs for Law School Graduates for Law Graduates

1. Lawyer

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Lawyers are one of the most popular career paths and are in great demand by law graduates. The duties and responsibilities of a lawyer are to represent the legal interests of his client. In addition, a lawyer is also tasked with resolving disputes as effectively as possible.

Not only that but a lawyer is also required to become a consultant and maintain good relations with clients during the legal process. If you are interested in pursuing a career as a lawyer, you must first take an advocate education. You should also know that the salary of a lawyer does depend on the type and severity of the case.

2. Prosecutors

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The next recommendation for jobs for law school graduates for those of you who are law graduates is to become a prosecutor. Where this one job makes most of your time always in the courtroom later. While the main responsibility of a prosecutor himself is to present evidence capable of incriminating the suspect in a criminal court.

As additional information, a working prosecutor will usually cooperate with several police and other law enforcement agencies. The aim is none other than to be able to bring a suspect to justice. Not only being able to get a high salary, but a prosecutor will also get benefits, very interesting isn’t it?

3. Judges

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Previously, you must know that the salary of judges themselves is not that big in Indonesia. Generally, the salary of a judge is in the regional age range. But even so, you will receive some benefits as well later. While the main duties and responsibilities of a judge are interpreting and applying the law to make a decision.

In addition, a judge is also tasked with carrying out supervision during the trial process. That way later problems or legal cases brought to court can be resolved fairly. If you want to become a judge, later the examiners will see your morals and also your ability to make the right decisions.

Legal Staff
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One of the job prospects for law graduates who have high salaries, aka the highest paying jobs with a law degree, is the legal staff. Until now, job vacancies as legal staff are still often sought by large companies. Therefore, don’t hesitate to apply for a job in this legal staff position because there are many opportunities.

Of course, this job position is perfect for those of you who understand company assets. Starting from how to make a work agreement letter to various other important files for company needs.

Legal Consultants
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The interesting thing about this career opportunity as a legal consultant is none other than that it can be used as a side job, aka freelance. So that later you will get a salary according to the case or legal problem handled. But if you want to work permanently as a legal consultant, of course, the salary you get will be in accordance with the policies of the office that shelters you. By working as a legal consultant, you will later apply what you have learned in college. In addition, you will also review documents for legal purposes for the trial. You can also become a mediator when there is a breach of an agreement between institutions.

6. Law Diplomats

Law Diplomats
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Finally, you can become a diplomat whose job is abroad for the sake of the country. For example, namely overseeing international relations between the two countries regarding peace agreements, human rights, the economy, the environment, and culture. Apart from that, you will also manage negotiating, bilateral relations, and also international decision-making.


This is an article review regarding various recommendations for jobs for law school graduates for those of you who are law graduates. That way you can apply for a job in that position because the opportunity is quite big, so what are you waiting for, go for your favorite company right away!


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