Crocheting is a fun and useful hobby. This hobby can reduce stress and produce functional products at the same time. You can also earn money from this hobby if you start a crochet business. How to start a crochet business? Starting this business is almost similar to other businesses.

You can start a crochet business at home if you want to start small. After gaining enough capital you can grow it into a bigger business. However, you must be ready for the competition in the crochet market. Therefore, you must have the best business strategies when starting this business.

The Pros and Cons of the Crochet Business

The Pros and Cons of the Crochet Business

Turning a crochet hobby into a business is a dream come true for many crochet enthusiasts. However, you must know more about the crochet business before starting this business.

How to make money with a crochet business? In most cases, the crochet business involves creating crochet products and selling them online. You can also sell them offline, for example, at local fairs.

This business seems simple and profitable. However, the crochet does not only have positive values. The crochet business also has some weaknesses. Below are the pros and cons of this business.

1. The Pros of Crochet Business

The pros of the crochet business are as follows.

  • Low Initial Costs: How much does it cost to start a crochet business? Starting this business only takes about $5,000. You can even start this business at lower costs if you prefer to sell your products on online marketplaces instead of your website.
  • Profitable: Is crochet business profitable? Yes, it is. A crochet business owner can earn an annual income from $32,000 to $73,000. You can gain the profits if you set a 70% profit margin.
  • Flexible: A crochet business offers flexibility to its owner. This business allows you to make crochet products at home, at flexible hours.
  • Promising: The crochet business has the potential to grow rapidly. Experts predict the crochet and craft industry will grow by over 30% by 2026 globally.

2. The Cons of Crochet Business

Below are the drawbacks of a crochet business.

  • Competitive: This business has become highly competitive since the pandemic because more people stayed at home and spent time crocheting. Therefore, a new crochet business has a big challenge to attract customers.
  • Tedious: Creating crochet sweaters, blankets, and other products in large numbers can be a tedious task. Therefore, you must find ways to make this job less tedious.
  • Increased Prices: Lately, the prices of crochet yarn, patterns, and tools are increasing. Increased prices of crochet supplies can lower your annual profits.

How to Start a Crochet Business

Starting a crochet business is ideal for those with excellent skills in crocheting. This skill will allow you to create beautiful crochet products with impressive patterns.

Those who have an average skill in crocheting can also start this business. However, they must focus on simpler patterns at first. Therefore, they won’t disappoint their customers. Once their crocheting skill improves, they can offer crochet products with more complicated patterns.

Below are the steps of how to start a crochet business.

1. Conduct Market and Customer Research

Conduct Market and Customer Research

Conducting market and customer research will help you understand the crochet market and your customers. The data from this research is useful for identifying your target audiences. Therefore, you can tailor your products, pricing, and marketing campaigns based on the target audiences.

As a result, you can effectively attract potential customers to purchase your products. Moreover, this research also helps you identify your competitors and their strengths and weaknesses. This knowledge will help you tailor a competitive business and competitive products.

2. Design Your Products

Design Your Products

The second step of starting a crochet business is product development. You must design your product lines based on your target market. For example, if you want to attract young women to purchase your products, you must make crochet products in stylish patterns and colors.

3. Build Your Brand Identity

Build Your Brand Identity

The next step of how to start a crochet business is building your brand identity. In building the brand identity, you must create a business name and logo, decide the color palette, and create a unique sales proposition.

The color palette you choose must match the characteristics of your target markets. For example, if you sell crochet products for babies, you can choose pastel colors in your brand identity. Moreover, you must apply your brand identity in your marketing campaigns and materials.

4. Decide Where to Sell Your Products

Decide Where to Sell Your Products

You can sell your crochet products on various online platforms, such as your website, e-commerce, and online marketplace. You can also sell them at onsite locations, such as fairs and markets.

Selling the products in various venues or platforms can boost your sales. However, you must also consider the cost and your capability of managing online shops or seller accounts on various platforms.

It is essential to limit your sales channels to two or three channels if you don’t have much time to manage them. Therefore, you can provide better service to customers and have well-managed shops. Please remember to choose platforms where most of your target audiences shop.

5. Plan Your Marketing Strategies

Plan Your Marketing Strategies

After deciding on the venue or platforms, you can start planning your marketing strategies. Your marketing plan must include online campaigns, such as social media, blogs, and WhatsApp marketing, and offline campaigns, such as brochures and flyers.

6. Pricing


When it comes to pricing strategy, it is essential to have a maximum of 70% profit margin. However, you may need to lower the profit margin if your competitor’s profit margin is lower than that. Nevertheless, you must not lower the profit margin below 20%.

Moreover, you should ensure that the price of your products covers all the production costs. Some of them are the costs of materials, labor, packaging and shipping, and a part of the initial capital.

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7. Register Your Business

Register Your Business

The next step is registering your business name. This registration will help you easily open a business bank account. Moreover, you may need to get a business license. However, you don’t need the license if you have a sole proprietorship business.

8. Purchase Crochet Supplies and Start the Production Process

Purchase Crochet Supplies and Start the Production Process

After setting up the business, you must purchase crochet supplies and start the production process. It takes between $500 and $1,000 to purchase the crochet supplies for your business.

9. Set up Your Website

Set up Your Website

Setting up a website is optional. It is essential to have a website if you want to sell and promote your products on this website. You will need $1,000 to $2,000 to develop this website.

Starting a crochet business is not difficult. However, you must do it with consideration to avoid failure. You can follow the nine steps of how to start a crochet business above if you want to start this business with better preparation. Moreover, the steps above can help you boost your profits and revenues.