Taking care of the household needs in someone else’s home is a big responsibility. With the ability to manage the house chores such as cleaning, doing laundry, cooking, and taking care of your master’s kids and pets, you have eased the burden on the homeowner. Whether the homeowner is a working mom, a stay-at-home mom, or a busy widower. Don’t wait for your future master to find you. Spread out your housekeeper business cards and your best qualifications will find their master.

If you are attached to an agency, you don’t need to make individual housekeeper business cards because your agency will provide them for you and all other housekeepers. But if you need to make your business cards, make sure you create a bewitching business card design so that you win the competition among other qualified housekeepers.

Modify Existing Housekeeper Business Cards Design Examples


You might have seen individual housekeeper business card designs on the internet or littered on the street. Maybe someone accidentally threw away the business card moments after it was given to them by a housekeeper offering her services.

Do you notice if most housekeeper business card designs use the image of a beautiful female housekeeper with a head covering and holding a broom and cleaning spray complete with rubber gloves? Her hair is also styled in a way that supports her beauty.

This business card is quite bewitching with the image and color selection on the image and card background. You can modify the business card according to your creative ideas. Maybe you can add an image of a dog or cat near the housekeeper’s feet as a hint if you are also good at taking care of pets. Likewise, the image of a motor vehicle with a washing tool in front of it is a hint that you are also dexterous in washing cars.

Love Design in Housekeeper Business Cards

It won’t seem overwhelming if you create a housekeeper business card design with an image of a large glass cleaning spray to fill the left side of the card. From the tip of the blue or purple cleaning spray comes a heart-shaped jet of cleaning the water that spreads around the top of the card. It’s as if the heart-shaped beads hold your name, title, specialties, and phone number.

If you have social media account that posts a lot of your “housekeeper” activities, then you can list it under the phone number. This will help your business cards bewitch potential customers. This is the era of social media where you can share about your professional activities.

Dress Like a Maid


Guess what? To wow your potential customers even more, you can use a cool photo of yourself. Dress like a maid carrying a pile of colorful clothes. Don’t overlook your deadly smile. Apply appropriate make-up and shiny shoes. You can also just take a half-body shot but with that pile of clothes, it would be nice if it was a full-body shot.
Next, you can place the photo on the right or left side of the housekeeper business cards and make sure the accompanying text is as simple as possible. For example:

Megan’s Maids
(your phone number)
(social media account)

Housekeeper Business Cards with a Large Unique Font Size

Your name at the top of the housekeeper business cards should already be able to bewitch your potential customers. Whether it’s because you’re experienced enough, have a history of excellent work with previous clients, or because you’re quite famous on social media with inspiring posts. Whatever it is, you must still prioritize work professionalism in handling some jobs of housekeeper services.

Use that large font to write your name at the top of the card. Then below that you can write your specialty as briefly as possible, phone number, email, and any other information needed. Next, on the right and bottom left sides, you can put images such as sheets or fly blankets and cleaning tools that you usually use.

Illustrations, images, fonts, and background colors are what bewitch people who look at your housekeeper business cards. Make sure you choose something cool, far from tacky, and everything fits. Whether it’s modern or retro design, the final decision on whether or not you’re accepted as a housekeeper is based on your skills and not just what’s printed on your business cards.


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