As a worker who provides mobile mechanic services, you must have tools where you can promote effectively. Social media has recently become very user-friendly for any kind of mobile worker. Those of you who can repair car engines can immediately show off your skills on social media.

Even better if it is complete with videos while working and testimonials from customers who are satisfied with your work. As long as what you post is honest despite using certain marketing strategies, then you will get several calls from customers. Don’t forget to put your social media account in your mobile mechanic business cards.

Why do You Need to Make Mobile Mechanic Business Cards?

A business card is another tool you need to reach out to many customers. By giving out mobile mechanic business cards to several prospective customers, you are helping your social media or digital promotion program as well.

You can simply introduce yourself to a potential customer by showing him your social media account which already has a lot of viral content. But you should still provide a business card for a professional introduction. Many mobile mechanics change mobile mechanic business card ideas designed just to make customers notice the seriousness of the mechanic in this business and to change the new atmosphere.

With mobile mechanic business cards in hand at all times, you are ready for any opportunity that comes your way. Who knows, on the street you might even meet a big garage boss who is short of mechanics at a crucial time. This job will be yours for some time if you also issue business cards as a marketing strategy.

Don’t forget to add a brief note about your skills to convince the job giver who doesn’t know you at all on social media. You can add your advantages such as being a mobile mechanic who can be contacted anytime, on time, and with years of an amazing experience.

Cheap and Practical Mobile Mechanic Business Cards

If considered further, making mobile mechanic business cards is a practical and cheap way compared to making pamphlets or brochures that people often throw away shortly after receiving them. The business card will be kept by the recipient at least on the dashboard of his car and even better in his wallet.

By using a mobile mechanic business card ideas reference, you can determine an attractive business card design. The design ideas that you find interesting should also be combined with the color and font of the business card. If you find it difficult to find the right idea and combine it, you can ask for help from a designer from a business card-making company near you. By brainstorming with the designer, you will surely be able to find the most appropriate design that suits your conditions.

Iconic Materials

Images for mobile mechanic business cards should come from iconic objects related to mechanical engineering. You can add iconic images such as a wrench, pliers, an electric drill, and various kinds of tweezers around the cartoon silhouette of a mechanic.

Don’t forget to insert mobile illustrations such as images of cell phones and sound waves. The toolbox that a mobile mechanic often carries also needs to be presented on the business card.

Colors That Represent

A mobile mechanic often works under the hot sun and passes quickly with his motorcycle under the rain. Designers can choose colors that represent his daily life by showing charcoal black complete with zebra cross motifs to represent the asphalt roads he often travels on.

Mobile mechanic business cards can also get bright colors like green, light blue, or yellow and orange. Also note the use of font colors to emphasize the name area, social media account, and specialties. You may be a mobile mechanic who also specializes in modifying vehicles or decorating car interiors and exteriors. You should add this specialty if you’re good at it.

Last but not least, often ask your designer about the background colors and fonts that can appeal to the recipient of the business card. Industrial colors like grey, black, and brown can be an option. Similarly, earthy tones are currently loved by many people on social media.


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