One of the good financial moves to protect your property is purchasing multi family insurance. This is a useful insurance that will cover a lot of risks. However, this insurance will depend on the type of property you have. A landlord should consider this insurance to avoid any losses and risks.

But why is it only important for the landlords? This insurance will apply to a building that has more than one family. For the landlords who rent the place, this is a move to lose income because of unpredictable cases. Here is more information about this insurance. 

What is Multi Family Insurance?

What is Multi Family Insurance?

Multi family insurance is insurance that will only apply to a place or building where more than a single person lives in it. The space has more than one bathroom, bedroom, kitchens, and other rooms. The insurance also applies to the building that has separate walls.

The uniqueness of this insurance policy can cover individuals and be personalized. Before purchasing this insurance, you have to learn its policy including the package, factors to consider, benefits for you as the landlord, benefits for tenants, and how much it costs.

The Benefits of Multi Family Insurance

The Benefits of Multi Family Insurance

1. Risk Mitigation

Wherever you live, you might always find the risks. Sometimes, the risks are too unpredictable, especially disasters that may attack our place and time. This insurance will help you as a risk-mitigation move since unforeseen circumstances might cost a lot from your savings.

On the other hand, you have to know what kind of risks may harm your property in the future. You can avoid some inappropriate policies. For example, flooding cases. If your place is in a dry area all year, you can omit this policy in your multi family insurance.

2. Protect your financial

The tenants who rent your partial space for living rely on the quality you offer to them. When something bad happens such as getting slipped on the floor, trapped in a fire accident, or suffering loss because of the crime, the property owner is the one who will suffer the most.

The tenants who suffer from injury, damage, and loss may sue the property owner because of negligence. Therefore, the owner needs to have this insurance to protect themselves from financial loss in the future. It is cheaper than paying all from your pocket.

3. Less expensive

Compared to individual insurance, multi-family insurance is less expensive. It is reliable for the property owners doing their business. Some tenants might cancel their plan to rent your space when they have to pay individual property insurance. It leads your business smoothly.

How Much Does Multi-Family Insurance Cost?

How Much Does Multi-Family Insurance Cost?

The cost of multi family insurance has a wide range depending on the level, value, and factors to consider by the insurance company’s agent. The more coverage you want under a policy, the more expensive the premium. You can choose a comprehensive plan to protect the property in general.

The rate of this insurance is quite competitive. In the US, the policyholder should pay $1000-$3000 annually for commercial property. It is cheaper than individual insurance for each family which costs about $300 annually. Previous claims in this policy will increase the premium.

What Does Multi-Family Insurance Cover?

What Does Multi-Family Insurance Cover?

1. General liability insurance

One of the coverages of multi family insurance is general liability. This is a third-party insurance where they suffers from injury, damage, and loss because of certain events. In this case, the third party is the tenant who officially rents your space.

The main function of this insurance is to protect both parties, the tenant and the property owner. The insurance company will pay out the claim to the third party when they find out that the property owner is liable to be responsible for the event that made the third party suffer.

2. Umbrella liability insurance

The umbrella liability is the coverage when the property owner has set a certain limit for the policy they buy. This is additional coverage that will give the biggest benefit in case the damage to the tenants and your property is unbearable.

3. Property coverage

Property coverage is the protection of the property itself. It will be very helpful in case there is something wrong with the property or you suffer financially because of the structure of the property. The company will pay out after a proper examination.

4. Business income

The space in your property may be used for a business. The financial loss will be unbearable after a flood, fire, or earthquake. Business income will be lower or stopped because of those events. With this insurance, the financial loss can be covered to lessen the damage caused.

5. Flood insurance

This is a normal coverage that insurance companies will offer to the property owner. However, it may not be offered if the property location has no flood risk. It is a good policy to protect the property, but the price of the premium will be different since flood levels can be low, medium, or high.

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Main Factors in Multi-Family Insurance

Main Factors in Multi-Family Insurance

1. Location

The insurance company will see the location of clients first before they agree or disagree with the request. Besides the status of the property, the agent from the insurance company will check the level of the property’s risk first to determine the value.

Those properties that are landing on the ground with flood risk mean the level of risk is high. The policyholder should pay the amount of insurance that is higher than a normal one. The property in the area of high criminal cases is considered a high-risk place as well.

2. The type of tenants

It is important to see the type of tenants to determine how many dollars the policyholder needs to pay. This reason is the main point because their status will affect the risk profile of the property. Disabled, elderly, and people with criminal backgrounds are considered high-risk tenants.

Why are those people considered so? The risk of other tenants experiencing while living in the same property as them is high. Disabled and elderly might get injured because of the negligence of other tenants. The price of the insurance will be higher as well.

3. Property’s construction

The type of materials that the property uses is very important to determine the value of multi family insurance. Old property or those properties with poor-quality construction is considered high-risk property. The risk of getting fired or destroyed because of an earthquake is high.

Meanwhile, the property with fire-resistant material for walls and ceilings is considered a low-risk property. The insurance company might check which contractor you use to build the property. Background checking is important to determine the quality level of the property.

4. Safety features

Another factor to consider by the insurance company is the safety feature that you use on the property. Losing personal stuff is always a risk that your tenant will find uncomfortable. One of the important safety features is CCTV to make sure any crimes can be avoided by all people.

Other important tools as safety features are alarms and water sprinklers to prevent fire. The policyholder should be honest when they sign the policies because this will affect the premium plan. Remember, it is for the sake of tenants who live under your property.

5. The history of loss

The policyholder or property owner should be honest when the property has a loss history. The insurance company will categorize the property as a high-risk place. It may make the premium you pay more expensive, but it protects the whole tenants and property when the same case occurs.

The Parties Involved in A Claim

The Parties Involved in A Claim

1. Adjuster

An adjuster is the person who works in an insurance company and will determine the value of damage and cost that you need to recover. Since they are working for them, the estimation is as low as possible. You need to make a note to compare the damage.

2. Engineer

This party will help both insurance companies and policyholders to examine the structure of the property. They should be a professional and well-experienced engineer. If they find the structure has huge damage, they will file a report to the insurance company.

3. Attorneys

They are from a law firm and work to prevent any dispute between the policyholder and the clients. If there is disagreement, the attorney will help to settle the issues, so the claiming process will be smooth and both parties have a win-win solution.

4. Timer

This person is also the representative of an insurance company, especially working in any multi family insurance issue. They work to create an estimation of the schedule, such as when they should start working on mitigation. They also help to determine the value of loss that the policyholder suffers from.

A multi family insurance is a low-cost option to protect your property’s business. It is the best option to protect your financial status as the owner and all tenants who rent your space. The claiming process for this insurance is easy and fast as long as you give proper evidence to the insurance company.