Starting an ATM business allows you to gain a passive income. This business offers promising potential profits. However, you must be aware of the pros and cons of ATM business before starting this business. Knowing these pros and cons will help you decide whether or not it is a good business.

Moreover, knowing the pros and cons of owning an ATM business will give you a picture of what to expect from this business and what to do to deal with the disadvantages. Therefore, you can maximize business profits when you start an ATM business.

A Glance of an ATM Business

A Glance of an ATM Business

The ATM business is a service of providing ATMs for public use. Everyone can start this business provided that they have enough funds to start it. This service-based business is easy to start.

You only need to purchase ATMs, rent a strategic location, and set the surcharge. A team of technicians provided by the ATM provider will help you install the machines. Moreover, you must reload the cash periodically.

After the ATMs are ready to use, you only need to wait for the ATMs to make profits. Therefore, this business is ideal for you who want to have an extra income while you focus on your other business or job.

The profits of this business start from $450 per month per ATM. It depends on several factors. One of them is the surcharge or fee. The fee ranges between $2 and $3. Moreover, it also depends on the location and the number of ATMs you have in your location.

The Pros and Cons of ATM Business

Is ATM business a good idea? Yes, an ATM business offers several advantages. However, it also has some drawbacks. Below are the pros and cons of ATM Business.

1. The Pros of an ATM Business

The Pros of an ATM Business

An ATM business may bring you more benefits than other businesses. It is because the ATM business has many positive values.

·            Simple Business Model

The ATM business is relatively simple. You only need to work with ATM providers and a processing company when operating this business. Moreover, you don’t need to do too much promotion to attract ATM users to use your service.

Passive Income

This business allows you to have a passive income because you will earn an income from those using your ATMs. Therefore, you will make money even when you are sleeping or having a vacation.

Low Maintenance

ATMs can last for 8 to 10 years with minimum maintenance. Generally, they will not need frequent updates.

Professional Assistance

Several companies offer professional assistance for ATM business owners. They will help you in various matters, such as ATM processing, management, and placement. Therefore, you don’t need to be an expert to operate this business.

Flexible Work Hours

You will have flexible work hours when you have an ATM business. For example, you can reload the cash anytime you think it is safe to do so and clean the location when you are free to do it.

2. The Cons of an ATM Business

The Cons of an ATM Business

The ATM business is not without drawbacks. What are the cons of an ATM business?


You must have a relatively large initial cost to start an ATM business. It may take up to $50,000 to start this business. Most of the funds are for purchasing ATMs, renting a location, and loading cash. You may also need to pay for third-party assistance.


Operating an ATM business can be risky. Theft and machine breakdowns are some of the risks. However, you can do something to minimize them.

Competitive Market

Thousands of ATM businesses are available across the US. This condition makes the ATM business highly competitive.

Tips for Conducting ATM Business

Tips for Conducting ATM Business

From the pros and cons of ATM business above, you can identify some challenges or risks of operating an ATM business. You can use this data to develop particular business strategies to deal with the challenges and risks.

Below are several tips to deal with ATM business challenges or minimize business risks.

  • Have a Business Insurance Coverage: Insurance is a must-have for ATM business owners. Insurance can protect you from theft or other liabilities.
  • Improve the Security of Your ATM Location: The ATM business’ security risk is relatively high. Therefore, you need to improve the security of your ATM location. You can do it by installing CCTV cameras or hiring a security guard.
  • Choose Popular ATMs: Some ATMs are more popular than other ATMs. Choosing more popular ones will give you more chances to gain higher income. Some popular ATMs in the US are JP Morgan Chase & Co, Bank of America Corp, and Wells Fargo &Co.
  • Apply the Best Marketing Strategies: An ATM business does not require a massive promotion. However, you must apply the best marketing strategies to make ATM users aware of your business. Therefore, you can maximize your profits.

You must know the pros and cons of ATM business before starting this business. The ATM business offers a passive income and flexible working hours. However, it poses several risks, such as theft and liabilities. Knowing its pros and cons will help you minimize risks and maximize profits.

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