One way of investing that people from various countries are starting to look at is buying the BRICS currency. BRICS consists of Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa. Many people have begun to study how to invest in BRICS to add to their portfolios.

The five countries as members of the BRICS are countries with large population sizes and market conditions. Investors can play several kinds of instruments, including currencies to get high returns. For those of you who are interested in the BRICS currency, here are the things to learn.

How to Invest in BRICS Currency

How to Invest in BRICS Currency

1. Investing in ETFs

One of the ways how to invest in BRICS is by using the ETF method. This is a single investment from BRICS, but the investors can gain many exposures from multiple countries. The diversification level of ETFs in BRICS is very high and the currencies are in a basket of stocks.

2. Emerging Market Funds

You can consider emerging market funds in BRICS. This is a good instrument because it is a mix of debts and equities. The portion of emerging market funds will be different for each country, but the return is more promising than ETFs since it is the banks that work for it.

3. Real Estate Investment

Another instrument that will give you a good return is Real Estate Investment. The countries in BRICS have large size of populations and their real estate business is gaining every year. Property markets in India and Brazil are promising for investment, especially in long-term investment.

4. Private Equity

This is one option to consider in how to invest in BRICS. Those five countries have high growth potential in many sectors. You can explore which industries or sectors that need capital. Besides supporting economic growth, you may get a high return.

5. Currency markets

Though it seems easier than other instruments, actually it is quite complicated. You need a deep understanding of how the dynamics of each forex will fluctuate. Trading is a high risk and you should learn the movement first before investing, especially in Russia and China.

6. Mutual Funds

It is safer to invest your currency in BRICS by giving them to fund securities. Let them manage your portfolio, but you have to pick the best securities out there that can handle your fund professionally. They should have an excellent understanding of how BRICS move in the market.

7. Using ADR and GDR

ADR and GRD are two good options that you can consider as instruments. ADR is an American depositary, while GDR is a global depositary. These two instruments support trading for non-US companies using the US exchange. BRICS has these options to reach more investors.

8. Infrastructure projects

These countries are still developing, and they build more infrastructures to grow into developed countries. This is the way to develop their country, and the return of this investment is promising with low risk. Investors can explore this option in how to invest in BRICS.

9. Direct stocks

Investors are welcome to invest their money with direct stock instruments in BRICS. This is a simple method, but you have to be careful while choosing the companies on the list. Deep research is required to make it profitable.

10. Fixed-income securities

You can gain diversification benefits by investing in fixed-income securities. This is a good option for you to consider because it is issued by the government in BRICS countries. The benefits offered by corporates and governments have a wider range.

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Benefits of Investing in BRICS

Benefits of Investing in BRICS

1. High returns potential

BRICS currency may give you high returns even though investing in this instrument is risky. This potential can be seen from the list of countries. They are big countries with good growth in recent years. Its market is promising and influential in the world.

Thus, those currencies are also stronger when the US dollar is getting weak. This is such a good sign for investors who want to invest their money in other ways of dollar investment. The stronger their currencies, the higher the returns that investors will get.

2. Currency diversification

Investing in BRICS brings more opportunities to avoid risks because of currency diversification. When you decide to invest in multiple currencies, you can gain more profit when there is harmful exposure to one of the currencies. The value will be balanced.

3. More opportunities in the market

BRICS allows you to invest in many sectors and industries since those five countries are influential in the world. Investors will have a lot of options to choose from, and they can choose which sectors that are suitable to fulfill their goal.

Since the fluctuation of these countries is active and risky, you have to learn how to invest in BRICS currency every time. The risks have a wide range, including the political turmoil issue that you may face at one time. Consider some negative impacts before investing in BRICS.