Zipline is a big company in the logistics industry. It is a public company and you can find out how to invest in Zipline since it will start IPO soon. This company is significantly growing in a year as a manufacturer of logistics, especially investing in drones.

The company was established in California, South San Fransisco. This rapid-growing company is promising because of its generated system. They tend to serve humans equally. If you are interested to invest in this company, check these steps and the reasons why you need to do it.

Zipline Company Profile

Zipline Company Profile

It is important to know about Zipline company first. This is a logistics company established in 2011. The headquarter is in San Fransisco, CA. Until now, they have about 708 employees working in the headquarters. The valuation of this company is $3.09 billion.

This company started as a delivery service to transport medical equipment in long-distance areas. They transport many medical equipments quickly, so the people who live in the area who has little medical service can get better improvement, especially when their condition is critical.

How to Invest in Zipline

How to Invest in Zipline

1. Check the platforms of pre-IPO

Since this company is still a private company until now, you can check the platforms of pre-IPO. You will get a lot of information regarding the share availability. You have to sign up for the platform and stay alert to the notification to know when the share in Zipline is available.

You can open an account on ARK Venture Fund or Equitybee to start investing in Zipline. How to invest in Zipline using those two platforms? You can pay the platforms to get the share. Equitybee requires $10,000 and ARK Venture Fund requires $500 as its minimum.

2. Participating in a broker

One of the easiest ways of how to invest in zipline is by joining a broker. Your fund is safe and you can predict what happen in the future after investing. Private funding in Zipline is started in April 2023 and those brokers have invested. You can participate with the broker who has joined.

Investing through a broker is also lower in risk while the opportunities are open. Once Zipline starts its IPO, you can be the one who has better opportunities than those who don’t participate in a broker. It is because the broker can access the IPO first.

3. Waiting for IPO

The last option is waiting for Zipline once they start IPO. Though the date is still unknown until now, you will have several advantages if you buy stocks after the IPO. You will get a better report directly and from the report, you can review whether to sell or buy more.

Since Zipline has a high demand in the US, you can expect that the return is higher once the company has changed into a public company. When the heat is rising, you can consider buying more or selling more. The price will be more enjoyable after the IPO.

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Possible Platforms to Invest in Zipline

Possible Platforms to Invest in Zipline

1. AngelList

This is a big platform in the US where many investors look for startups and early-stage companies to invest. As an investor, you can join this platform and find Zipline there. Once they announce that they need funds as investments, you will know what to do next.

2. Robo-advisors

This platform will list many private companies which need investment. They will offer from time to time. You can join this platform to get more information about Zipline since it is a private company. After that, you can invest when they make offerings.

3. Secondary Marketplace

A secondary marketplace is also a good place to choose how to invest in Zipline. Some big and trusted platforms in the US will facilitate you to buy and share the stocks. Usually, they will provide information from private companies and one of them is Zipline.

4. Real Estate Crowdfunding

You can consider real estate crowdfunding as one of the possible platforms. However, you have to stay informed about the announcement because it is limited and considered a project. It is an alternative option to invest in Zipline.

When Will Zipline IPO?

When Will Zipline IPO?

The date of the IPO is still unknown and they are established as a private company until now. The furn is coming from private equity. However, you can find more information about the company and how to invest in this company from some possible platforms above.

Is Zipline Profitable?

Is Zipline Profitable?

Zipline has gained attention since it started a decade ago. Now, they are developing their business well not only in the US but also in some countries in Africa. This is a new logistic system that many people will try to look forward to in the future.

You can follow the steps of how to invest in Zipline above. Though the company is still a private company, you can find more information on many platforms about when they will IPO and how to be an investor pre-IPO to develop your portfolio.