Driving a dump truck and owning a dump truck for rent are two different things. You can drive a dump truck to remove building debris or carry building materials for construction work that is something you might have done in the past. But now you have so many dump trucks that you can rent them out for various construction purposes. So, you need to create dump truck business cards to help your marketing team work well.

After all, you need to promote outside of your marketing team as well. When you are talking with a stranger at a coffee shop and he seems very interested in renting a dump truck, you can go straight to the subject matter while handing him a business card. You also need to encourage your marketing team to create business cards according to the dump truck business cards template you have set.

Business card designs are diverse. You can freely decide according to the direction of the designer of the business card manufacturing company or the designer you appoint in your own company. Here are 5 business cards designs that you can copy and modify based on your need.

Monochrome Design on Your Dump Truck Business Cards


The black and white monochrome design here is to create a dramatization of an object. You can create an image of a dump truck on one side of a business card with a deep and dramatic black color. Meanwhile, use white as the background with thinner black lines that seem to be connected to the dump truck.

Don’t forget to avoid monochrome illusion designs that will make the business card reader unsteady because it seems to be sucked into the design. To offset the dump truck on the left side, you can use certain fonts that highlight the advantages of your dump truck and an easy way to rent in your place.

Beauty Design as You Wish


What if this time you make a beauty dump truck business cards template design for your employees? Let’s imagine that the dump truck you rent is traveling on a paved road with cherry blossoms blowing in the wind. The cherry blossom trees accompany your dump truck trip to and from. You can put that beauty-based design on your employees’ business cards.

However, as the owner, you are free to determine the design theme on each dump truck business card that you want to print. You don’t have to worry about your design looking weird or funny. At least you have brought a speck of beauty to the sheets of business cars intended for your various customers. Maybe you can bring a bit of happiness to those who see the image of a cherry blossom tree with shades of pink all over. Use a pink dump truck as well to give a touch of uniqueness.

Rainbow Dump Truck Business Cards

The Rainbow is a universal color that contains tolerance for diversity. Your dump truck business cards can also use this popular rainbow design. You can provide a rainbow dump truck image with a plain background color like white or black.

Country Flag Color Design on Your Dump Truck Business Cards

The invitation to maintain a sense of nationalism among fellow citizens can be realized in the dump truck business card design. You can choose shades that match the colors of your country’s flag. Make sure you don’t break the laws of your country for this one. Furthermore, you can also paint one or more of your dump trucks with the colors of your flag.

Long Lasting Retro Design


What if you choose the 70s or 80s retro design to bring out a fun and timeless feel? You can put an image of a person sitting on a dump truck in the 70s and 80s outfits with a smile on his face.

Don’t forget the shoes and scarf that were also popular during that era. Then, you’d better insert slogans that point to that design such as: using our dump truck will bring you to the 70s memories or our dump truck will help you to have long-lasting and durable construction, we only transport the best materials!

So, what are you waiting for? Just choose your design now and spread your unique dump truck business cards to all!


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