Doing social work is a calling that not everyone will be able to do. When many people are reluctant to do social work because it seems far from material gain, those who are called reach out and approach. Many people are comfortable with him as he tends to wounds, listens to complaints, discusses solutions together, and helps find the right materials for a task. These sincere social workers cannot wait for clients to come and do nothing. They have to work on an outbound project by handing over social work business cards to anyone in need.

So, it’s time for you to make business cards with attractive designs that portray sincerity, patience, and compassion. The 5 designs below may be samples of the social work business cards you need.

Social Work Business Cards Design with Tree Images

There are so many samples of social work business cards that you can find on the internet or in magazines. Most of them use images of trees, plants, or buds that represent hope and flourishing together. You can copy and modify these designs according to your wish.

You can print a mini tree that looks lush with fresh red fruit and place it on the four corners of your social work business cards. Then use a soft green background color or a soft coral color. Next, you can write your name, title, specialties, and phone number in the center in eye-catching black or dark green font.

The Wind Blows the Cherry Blossom Design

Fresh pink and white cherry blossom petals can be presented on your social work business cards. On the top right corner, you can print a black image as the wind blows some pink and white cherry blossom petals. The image of the cherry blossom petals is left alone as if it is floating above the writing of your name that uses a font with the nuances of spring.

Don’t forget to see the background color. Since the shades of cherry blossom petals are white and pink, you can use related background colors such as the blue sky or soft beige. The soft color of the background is deliberately used to accentuate the petals. This design is suitable for those whose work is related to counseling kids and women.

Cupped Hands-on Social Work Business Cards Design

The cupped hands are symbolic of where there is a sense of pleading. Either to God or to human beings. You can use a cupped hand image in the center of the social work business cards. Use white color for the hand image as if it is using white gloves. White gloves are also a symbol of health work.

Next, think about the background color. The cupped hand image in the middle is neutral so you are free to determine the background color. You can choose maroon, dark blue, purple, or colors that match your building paint. Meanwhile, use a soft black font to write your name, title, specialties, phone number, and address.

A Figure Hugging the Earth Design

Your social work business cards can also use designs with images from nature such as images of twin birds hanging on a tree branch, images of the sun or moon with its rays being the background color of the card, and many more.

If your scope of work is around earth-saving actions, campaigns about zero waste awareness, and counseling about the importance of clean and disciplined living so you can use a design with an image of a figure-hugging the earth.
You can draw a little girl figure hugging the earth and she is sitting on a fluffy cloud with her hair flying as if she is far above the sky. Apply the right color to the little girl’s outfit and the color of the earth that resembles the globe on our teacher’s desk.

Under the little girl’s dangling feet, you can put your name complete with title, specialties, phone number, and address. You can arrange it in such a way that it looks in appropriate proportions. Do not forget to use proper background colors such as soft purple, light gray, and white.

Well, your social work business cards are the first speaking tool for your customers so you have to make it good, clear, and fascinating. But remember to make it simple and suitable to your character.


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