Supplying items such as office stationery, office furniture, facility equipment, printing, paper cups, mop handles, phones, stamps, folders, postcards, letterheads, booklets, brochures, binders, promotional products, and other related products is a big business that needs extra scrutiny. Those of you who work with the team for independent business supply need to pay attention to all aspects of the supply process from fulfilling the demand, and packaging the products, to distributing them and providing after-sales service.

The product delivery flow is already in place but we never know what happens before delivery until after delivery. Maybe some products escaped your notice when the team created the newly independent business supply catalog so that customers are confused when they want to order the same product.

Surveillance Quantity, Quality, and Trust

Maintaining independent business supply means always being ready for quantity, quality, and trust among colleagues. In addition, an independent business supply seller is also committed to producing quality goods at affordable prices. And many people have decided to become their boss by going into business.
To prepare themselves to win the competition and increase orders, these suppliers must be determined and well-prepared. They must also find the key to success in business.

Thinking of Being the Boss

The first key to success as an independent business supply seller is to know the end goal. Being the boss of your own business is the goal. You will only go through the day managing the flow of business in your own company without the pressure of your boss. There are only customers who are your partners. They are not your superior although their positions are also very important for the sustainability of your business.

You can imagine if one client orders 100 pieces of your product after seeing the independence business supply catalog and he orders again a month later. Then, that client recommends your services to his friends. After that, your orders will multiply. And this business chain becomes stronger year after year. That’s how powerful the influence of one client who is satisfied with your service and product is.

Know the Product You Sell

The next key is to know the product you are selling. An independent business supply seller can sell any type of product in high demand. As long as you know the target clearly, then you can understand the product well.

For instance, if you sell multipurpose automatic pens for office stationery needs, then you have to think about what the advantages are so that people in the office are interested in using them. Get big orders with the most attractive marketing strategy possible. Similarly, the lanyard strap for name tags that you offer to several operator workers. You have to remember that if the product is different then there is a different market for the product.

The Key to Operating Your Business

As a beginner independent business supply seller, you must be well aware of your real condition. Is the business you are starting clear on the product, clear on the target, and how is the capital? You can start with a small inventory first. After that, as time goes by, your customers are getting more and more if the demand is getting higher then you can jump to a bigger package.

Next, you can think about a business plan for an independent business supply that is different in scale from where you started. If you’re hesitant to take a step, then you just start with simple things that you understand such as choosing the product you want to sell. This product selection must be adjusted to the existing target market.

Strategize Your Finances

When you’re planning to build an independent business supply, you’ve already carefully planned your financial strategy. you know where the capital is coming from and how to manage it. There are targets you have to meet so that your capital returns by the deadline for you to turn around. Make sure you record all income and expenditure of funds carefully.

Personal Development

An independent business supply seller must continue to upgrade himself to be able to keep up with the progress of the business that you are in. You can come to business seminars, associate with those who run independent business supplies and hear testimonials from some customers.

Whatever product you sell in independent business supply, will be your product orientation. People will recognize you as the seller of that kind of product. Just make sure the product you sell is of quality in addition to the quantity and the trust you give to customers. Success will come along with your persistence in this business and the right business strategy.


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