Repairing, modifying, and restoring appliances to their original condition is not easy work. A person who works in appliance repair must be a special one because he knows how to repair, modify into a new look, and restore the brightness of an appliance product at home or office even though the product is of different brands and types. If it wasn’t for his long experience in this business, he wouldn’t be able to do it and would give up quickly. While you get appliance repair business cards from someone experienced and professional, then keep it well.

Many housewives or single fighters such as widowers and widows who have children are in dire need of appliance repair services. The kids may play ball or chase recklessly around the house breaking the legs of a stool, making the TV shelf tilt on its side, and making the aesthetic living room lamp stand to look messy. It’s time you called one of those who gave their home appliance repair business cards the other day. You may still have the card because of its attractive design, right?

What an Appliance Repair Business Cards Design Means

There are so many appliance repair business card design templates or samples that you can choose from the internet. Sometimes business card companies also provide design references through their business card collection catalogs. You want to improve the level of doing business using home appliance repair business cards now but you have difficulty determining the choice of design that you think is the best and sells.

Whatever it is, you have to believe that the meaning of a design will have a big impact on business development. Maybe these three designs will suit you best and give you a bigger impact.

Simple Yet Classy Design

You can put some images of appliances that you usually repair at home or office such as refrigerators, TVs, electric stoves, microwaves, and coffee machines in the center of the business card. Adjust the overall size of the image so that it can be collected all in a compact look in the center. You can use a light gray gradation background color or an earthy tone color like beige that is adjusted to the color of the image in the middle.

Next, you can write down your name complete with your expertise at the bottom of the image that almost touches the edge of the card. For example:

Home or Office Appliance Repair and Modify Specialist

Don’t forget to insert your phone number or website and social media account on the back of your appliance repair business cards.

Colorful Images and One-Color Font on Appliance Repair Business Cards Design

You can also play with two or three specific colors combined with the font color. The background color of the business card can be pure white. Then divide the front side of the card into 4 sections.

The top right is for the image, the bottom right is your expertise, the top left is for your name and position, and the bottom left is for important information such as your phone number, website, and social media account. You can print colored images such as sky blue or light gray and black for the color of the refrigerator, washing machine, tv, and heater. Put only 4 to 4 images so that it doesn’t look too much.

Don’t forget to use a black or dark gray font to emphasize it after the customer has been distracted by the colored images for a moment.

What trend colors do you know? You can pick the colors that are currently trending such as teal blue, sage green, and lilac as background colors for your appliance repair business cards. After that, you can put 3 to 4 images of household or office appliances with a wide view in the center of the front side of the card, leaving only 10 to 20 percent of the space empty for the name, position, and phone number.

You should choose a design for the image so that it stands out a little more than the text below it. Meanwhile, at the top of the image, you must print the name of your company with a font that is formed in a semicircle until the two ends of the letters occupy the right and left corners. Use the same font with different sizes for the text above and below the image.

Determining the design of your appliance repair business cards is sometimes not easy. Do you need any suggestions from your partner? But always remember that the one that suits you best is the first that you see for more than three seconds.


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