A businessperson should have a business card as a high-impact introduction after a handshake and a smile. Whatever business you run, these business cards can be your bridge of communication with new customers. Sometimes you’ll need to send business cards along with proposals or invitations that you mail to potential customers.

A stylist who works professionally for eyelash extensions also needs a business card. The lash extension business cards she makes should reflect the character of her business. You can create stunning and elegant eyelash extension business card designs so that the recipient can’t stop thinking about you. The chances of being contacted are higher too.

Staring Eye Design


A complete eye image with lids, lashes, and eyebrows is a must in a lash extension business card design. If you offer lash extension services, then the eye image must be in your brochure or business card. Staring eyes with the appearance of eyelashes that are more prominent than the eyeballs can be made like photos or pictures of cartoon characters with beautiful eye shapes.

Whether it is round eyes, almond-shaped eyes, or narrow-shaped eyes like most Asian eyes. You can give details to the eyelashes according to the look of the final result of the eyelash extension that you usually do. You can put one or two eyes on top of the business card. For a dramatic look, you can put just one but with a stunning look.

Closed Eyes on Lash Extension Business Cards Design

The closed-eye design will further dramatize the look of the eyelash extension business cards with a solid black image color and a background color that tends to be pink or purple.

You can print a pair of closed eyes with a stunning lash look. Avoid the image of one eye closed and one open because it can be considered impolite even if you want to emphasize a flexible or relaxed impression.

Closed Eye Design of One Hand

One hand with fingers using nail polish can be a complement to a business card design image. One eye is fully open while the other is covered by a hand with nail polish. This is not a mocking symbol but rather an artistic touch to your lash extension business cards.

The background color chosen should match the beauty symbol such as pink, soft beige, bright white, light blue, soft green, and soft purple or lilac. Give an artistic touch to the right or left end of the business card with the image of one eye open and one eye closed by the palm of one hand. Adjust the color of the eyelids too with the background color and the color of the nail polish with the overall color shades.

Don’t forget to show the perfectly long eyelashes as an example of the result of the services you and your team provide.

Lashes Fly Like Soft Feathers


Sometimes it is not necessary to give the same image as most lash extension business card designs. You can give a touch of pure white or fresh green to the background and then print the image of a lush, black flying eyelash in the center of the card slightly to the edge. Next, you can write your name, position, phone number, email, website, and office address with attractive fonts in thin black or adjusted to the background color of the card.

Crown with Ornamentation Hanging Down to the Forehead

The forehead and eyelashes are quite close. You can choose a lash extension business card design with a face image without cheekbones where the forehead is exposed. There are crowns with crystal tassel decorations hanging down to the entire forehead. From the detail, the eyes with beautiful eyelashes will also be exposed.

Pay attention to the use of the crown color so that it doesn’t stand out more than the color of the eyelashes. You should still use a deep black color on the eye area and long beautiful eyelashes.

Engagement with the customers is all you need. So, you can choose the beautiful and elegant design of your lash extension business cards to be closer to your customers and have strong bonding. Your business must be smooth with a good engagement with your customers too.


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