Being someone who works outdoors and deals with nature also requires a business card just like those who work indoors. Those of you who often handle tree planting, tree decorating and tree removal works also need tree services business cards. This is a handy promotional tool that you can use to keep your customers’ attention. Maybe a customer has hired you after finding your tree trimming services business cards along with a pile of morning newspapers on the patio table.

You were the only one who left a business card while the other workers only offered it by word of mouth or from advertisements stuck on trees. So, you must be concerned about your business cards first. Make your business card as attractive as possible according to the type of service you can provide.

There may be a customer who has one big old tree that is quite a nuisance in front of his yard. He has some difficulty cutting down the tree and it is not possible to call the landscaping service to do so.

The feeling must be done immediately as the tree could be dangerous if it suddenly collapses towards the house or the street. So it is time to call a legal lumberjack through his tree services business cards. The work of cutting down a tree is quite difficult because he must master the following flow of tree felling:

Felling License

Get a tree felling license from the local government. You can have a business to make tree services business cards also because your business is also supported by the local government, right?


Prepare enough materials to protect yourself while working such as a helmet, goggles, and kevlar pants.

Check the Direction

Upon arrival at the site, you should immediately check the direction of the falling tree. Make sure the surrounding area is clear of people, buildings, and other trees. Professional lumberjacks will be familiar with this method.

Electric Saw Usage

Branches on the sides of the tree must also be removed. Next, you can use an electric saw to make a 70-degree incision. This incision will determine the direction of the tree fall.

Trim the Tree

Sometimes customers who have your tree trimming services business cards also ask for a special request from you after ‘killing the tree’ to immediately decorate the former tree so that it looks aesthetic when used as a seat or pathway to the main house building.

The Right Illustration

In your tree services business cards, you will surely slip in other works like tree pruning and structuring, lot clearing, and tree removal completely. You can straightforwardly list these works under your main work as a legal lumberjack. Don’t forget to add the right image to make your business card look attractive.

You can print tree pictures with cute cartoon characters or silhouette pictures of yourself with a reliable work helmet. Meanwhile, the idea of putting a picture of yourself on your business cards doesn’t seem right. It is enough for you to be pleasant at work so that your customers always remember your figure.

Green is Not the Only Color for Your Tree Services Business Cards

You can choose a business card base color other than green. You can choose black or white and blue sky as the background color of the card. Then, give an image of a green tree or an illustration of an old tree that is about to collapse to dramatize it in the hope that your customer will contact you as soon as possible when she or he looks at that old tree.

You can also use soil or earthy tone colors as a representation of your workplace. Don’t forget to use a font that is comfortable to read with colors that match the color of the background of your tree services business cards.
Printing these tree services business cards means that you have paid full attention to your business promotion strategy. When you run out of this business card design edition, you can print a different design edition to bring a brand-new atmosphere so that you don’t get bored easily.


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