If you’ve ever been to Bali, you must have come across hair braiders offering their services around the beach in Kuta. The price per head differs depending on the length of the hair, the type of braid, and the length of the process. Visitors need to spend more if the braids are more complicated.

It turns out that the hair braiding business is also quite promising everywhere. You can offer your braiding skills on the streets around Manhattan, California, Gangnam in Seoul, and the streets around your house. Don’t forget to hand your braiding business cards to people who will need your services in a potential location like an amusement park or beach.

These business cards will lead you to find the right heads who will get the best braids and fresh look from your hands. What you need to do is to make hair-braiding business cards as attractive as possible so that those sheets of paper don’t end up lying on the street.

Follow the Trend


To create a unique and interesting braiding business card design, you have to think a little about creativity related to hair braiding and the combination of today’s colors where people are quite affected when they see it.

Hair braiding business card designs can take references from design applications in the Play Store or trends that are in social media. Hair braiding has recently been trending again because of the movement of Afrio people on the internet. In addition, the love of people around the world for South Korean culture also influences the dress code and look, one of which imitates the hair braids of Korean celebrities.

They also take many ideas from the 9 types of hair braids of Joseon-era women with elaborate looks to modern women in Gangnam, Gyeonggi, and many other places in South Korea where the look of the braids is simpler but still beautiful. Meanwhile, Colombia is a country where the braided hair trend continues to be preserved. Tejiendo Esperanzas is a festival of unique Afro-like hair braids with different levels of complexity.

Determine the Design of Braiding Business Cards

You can take braiding business card design inspiration from the types of braids. Always match your skills with the design inspiration you take. If you are only a pro at braids like modern Korean women, then the illustration printed on the business cards should be a picture of a white Korean woman in general with braided hair according to your expertise. The same goes for unique braids like in Colombia.

Call Your Braiding Business Cards Designer


If you find it difficult to create braiding business cards design by yourself, do not hesitate to call the designer from the business card maker company. Brainstorm well so that the design you wish can be conveyed well and the designer gets what you want. Now and then you also need to listen to the designer’s input because he has experience in making this card for so many years even though he just found a unique profession like a hair braider.

Give More for More

In addition to braiding hair, you may also be able to assist clients in doing a cream bath or hair spa. You can provide this extra service to get more income. It would be great if you can apply makeup according to the shape of the braid for certain occasions.

Insert this kind of extra service in your braiding business cards or include it in the portfolio on the website and social media account that you put on the business cards. Don’t forget to list the price based on the services given.


One can only win the business competition with maintained capability and genuine good behavior. Make sure you keep these two things in mind while doing business and not just in writing on the braiding business cards. You can give a business card after completing one braiding task as a form of after-sales accountability. Clients can contact you when there is a complaint sometimes and you must be able to handle it. Then the client will contact you again for another special occasion.


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