Those who provide construction services and sell building materials are professionals in their field. Professionals should shape their character so that they look professional in front of many people. They also need to have concrete business cards ranging from builders to CEO of construction companies.

After all, the CEO can lead his company to be widely recognized and the offer of cooperation becomes big until the final stage. Meanwhile, builders have specialties where some can make cement mortar that is suitable for construction needs, some are good at creating designs as well as making concrete calculations, and some know how to find gaps so that building materials are used efficiently based on the deadlines and they can mobilize their colleagues to hasten their respective work.

Concrete Business Cards Represent Their Work

You may wonder why it has to be concrete business cards. Business card designs with a concrete feel are appropriate in representing the character of your work. People who work as builders, foremen in construction projects, and debris haulers are described as strong and resilient like concrete. No wonder there are many concrete business card ideas on the internet and design magazines that can be a reference for this business card maker. People in the construction field look for ideas now.

A builder with a dozen years of experience will surely be happy to choose a business card design with a concrete image complete with its iconic gray color and additional bright blue or black background. A reliable business card designer will also give a space for the prospective business card owner to pour out his fresh ideas.

Impact of Color on Your Concrete Business Cards

We all know that color has a huge impact on how people perceive a product. Just like you are marketing construction services, the colors and patterns on your concrete business cards can influence almost 90 percent of a person’s subconscious so that he can quickly deduce the character of your business. Some colors have even been proven to symbolize creativity, courage, peacefulness, and critical thinking. So, how can you choose one among the many concrete business card ideas with the impact of the colors around you?

Concrete that always appears with shades of gray in concrete business cards can be combined with colors such as blue, green, yellow, white, and red. If you use it correctly, your business card design will be attractive. Concrete can be combined with red.

Many people have been influenced by the subconscious by mass products with red logos. Concrete combined with red in business card design will give a touch of reliable speed, enthusiasm, and danger in a positive way.
Whereas concrete combined with blue depicts conventionality, responsibility, honesty, creativity, and unquestionable professionalism. You can also choose a business card design with concrete combined with green to emphasize eco-friendly materials and long-lasting wealth.

How about concrete with brown? It implies stable, conventional, tangible results and supportive strength for your business. Then, for those of you who want to give a touch of yellow to your business cards with concrete images, so you will get a side of high enthusiasm, optimism, fun, and amazing new changes. You still remember how the Swedish home appliances store has a yellow logo, right?

The Motif of Concrete Business Cards

Think about the motif or layout of your business cards. You can use an all-concrete card background color with a marble-like motif. Then, you can put your name and position in the center of the card using a solid black font with a yellow or white list font.

Just make it as simple as possible but attract your potential clients. You can also play a thin green cross line on the corner of the card with a light gray gradation card background. Next, below the green line will be your website, email, and specialties.


Your concrete business cards are the first communication tool you give to customers. So, make the cards so simple yet attractive to open your wide opportunity in the future. Make sure you respond to the customers well when they contact you.


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