Have you ever thought about the purpose of someone giving a business card to another person? He wants to get connected with that person, he wants to do business with that one, and he is interested in that person. There is no way a businessman would give his dazzle business cards for no apparent reason. At least he wants the person to respond even if it is just to ‘say hi’ on the phone or type a comment in the website column listed on the business card.

With all the obvious purposes, a business card occupies an important position for a person. That with the razzle-dazzle business cards that he spreads to several people of his choice can bring a strong impact. So, what is that impact for?

Why is it Necessary to Create Impactful Dazzle Business Cards?


Talk about an impact, we can see the quote from Robin S. Sharma, a Canadian-born author of 10 best-selling books on leadership and personal development. He said that leadership is not about titles or designations but about impact, influence, and inspiration.

The impact can deliver results while your influence is about spreading the passion you have for your work. It’s all about inspiration which can affect your work team and customers. See? You as the business card owner have an impact and so do the business cards. That’s how much impact matters. It’s about impact leadership that can breed inspiration.

From now on you must think about ‘how my business cards can have an impact on the recipient’. We know the impact of the razzle-dazzle business cards that we make on many people who may only just glimpse a piece of a business card but easily conclude. Don’t let the design and colors you choose have a bad impact on them just because maybe the colors are too flashy or the design is too outdated.

Your Self is in the Business Cards You Print Out


Making dazzle business cards is easy and cheap nowadays with the help of the latest technology available. With 20 to 40 dollars that you spend, you can already get 500 pieces of business cards. The process can also be fast with only about 2 to 7 working days. You do need to make physical business cards in addition to digital introductions.
There are several points that you can consider before making a business card design as follows:

Separate Yourself

You as an individual and you as a business owner should be separated. Don’t mix your daily personal character with your character as a leader in the company in the design of the card.

Important Things on Your Cards

Put the important things such as name, position, business sector, company telephone number, email, website, and social media accounts. If you want to not seem rigid, you can explore the design, colors, and fonts to be flexible.

Unique Design

Dazzle business cards that have an impact are unique, interesting, and different from most business cards. You can use a current or modern design but keep in mind the character of your company and the logo or image that will be included on the business cards.

Two Different Business Cards

You can make two different business card designs. One for business and the other for personal matters. Who knows when you are doing business you meet a heartmate. Immediately change course by giving your dazzle business cards.

Simple Dazzle Business Cards Design

Something simple yet elegant is always enchanting and wins hearts. You don’t have to mix all the current colors or futuristic images to get a dazzling impression. You just need to adjust to the character of the company and its business field occupied with the right creativity from your business card designer. Always leave the design to the right person when you find difficulties in making it.

However, you can also make business card designs into several designs for different targets. For instance, you choose a soft-colored dazzle business card design for the target market of beauty lovers and especially women. Then, you choose a design with concrete or black colors for the target market of mighty men. So, good luck with your impactful business cards!


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