The modern construction business is slowly moving away from old materials like bricks and walls. Everyone is switching to drywall which is lightweight, easy to install, and eco-friendly. Although it is easy to install, building owners who are not familiar with construction work are still in need of specialized drywall installers. Most building owners today also use gypsum board as the surface material and partition that will be combined with drywall.

This work is quite a test of accuracy and neatness in addition to the ease of drywall installation. If there is a tricky angle, the worker can cut the drywall based on the pattern and size of the angle. Untrained construction workers will have a hard time adjusting to this work.

So, professional workers should have drywall business cards so that clients can easily and quickly recognize them. You can make your own or contact a business card-making company. Designers usually have reference drywall business card ideas that you can explore with them while determining the proper design.

Your Standout Skill

Most drywall contractors only list their names, the services they perform, and their phone numbers. They use words like drywall and plastering specialist or drywall and gypsum installation. However, you can add prominent skills on the drywall business cards such as neat drywall installation with more than 5 years of experience or plasterer, skimming, coving, and screeding.

People will assume that you are too familiar with and good at providing a tight enough layer since the existing ceiling is just a skimboard and good at leveling the top layer of a material or screeding. You can mention all your specialties in the form of a list arranged horizontally or vertically.

Design and Color Combination of Drywall Business Cards

You can find drywall business card ideas from around you. Maybe it comes from your workplace or your own house. Sometimes designer from business card company also has a wide collection of designs that you can consider. Do some brainstorming with the designer before finally deciding on the proper design and color combination for your drywall business cards.

How about a concrete or beige background color design and you can choose a black or dark blue font color?
Besides, you can also take a completely black color as a background and yellow fonts with representative images such as images of building construction, stepped ceilings, or archways. Don’t forget to include a silhouette of a builder complete with a small trowel and mortar in his hand.

You are the Ultimate Choice for a Client

Some so many builders are used to doing drywall or gypsum installation. When you give drywall business cards to your clients, it means you should be their last choice. Not being the first choice is fine but make sure the client will only choose you in the end.

Clients usually choose builders based on years of work experience, good communication skills in addition to the skills of the builder, being easy to contact, and being honest about the condition in the area of construction. In one case, a drywall installer was not willing to disclose the shortage of materials to the building owner.

In the end, he asked for a little from his friend who was working on the drywall in another area. Unfortunately, the story spread in the neighborhood was too exaggerated as if the first building owner did not provide enough drywall. How important it is, to be honest, and open so that the relationship remains good for a long time.


Installing drywall is very easy. But there are so many opportunities given by building owners for builders to do the work of installing drywall neatly and properly. When you have drywall business cards, then you can quickly grab the opportunity. Clients who keep your business card will immediately call and make a deal.

It’s even better if you put your informative website and social media account. You can put up a portfolio consisting of videos and photos of your work installing drywall in a variety of ways. Make sure you include a phone number that is always active and easy to contact so that the opportunity will be yours.


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