Teaching is a noble job for several reasons because you are sharing knowledge that many people may not know as well as years of experience being someone in a certain profession. The same goes for being a flight instructor where you are paid very well to teach people professionally how to fly and fly an airplane or jet. People with aspirations of becoming airline pilots will be looking for a flight instructor to help them with their future duties.

You can start introducing yourself by giving flight instructor business cards to some of your potential students. Sometimes your students are even the same age or young as you. The only difference is that you are experienced in teaching how to fly and your student has just stepped into your class. Your students won’t hesitate to join your class once they get your certified flight instructor business cards. That says a bit about how professional the instructor is in front of him.

Make a Good Next Impression with Your Real Career


Flight instructor business cards are just a tool to make a convincing first impression. You build the next impression on your own with your ability to deliver material, the value you want to transmit, the insights that inspire, and your clear background. Some students pay more attention to your background as an instructor. Are you a flight instructor who also flies commercial aircraft or are you just a pilot who joined an airline?

The favorite flight instructor is usually the one who teaches and loves to fly. Why is that? A good and charming impression will emerge when a flight instructor talks about the theory of flight in front of the class with the language style of a professional flying an airplane. Meanwhile, a pilot who is part of an airline may not be able to convey the material well because he is used to technical matters in the cockpit room.

Determining the Design of Flight Instructor Business Cards


So, should a flight instructor choose a unique and attractive certified flight instructor business card design? It is necessary. You are a professional who will meet various people. People who already know you from your profile on your company’s website or social media will immediately approach you to join your class.

But what about those who are still hesitant, either hesitant to take a flight class or hesitant about the instructor? You can come to him and give him your business card that represents your passion for teaching.

The design of flight instructor business cards will usually not be far from the character of the owner. If you are a cheerful flight instructor and always easy to bring a fun atmosphere, your design will look attractive with a speckled light gray background color and yellow highlights with black font on it.

While the flight instructor who is always serious and a perfectionist prefers monochrome designs with specific fonts and no images. However, it all comes down to you and your institution. Perhaps the institution that facilitates your flight class has already prepared a business card design for all its flight instructors complete with an image that represents the company.

An Image on Flight Instructor Business Cards


Many people use simple images or illustrations on business cards to convey their intentions. We know that the space for writing is only enough to accommodate the name, position, website, email, and phone number.

All of which are precise and straightforward. An image or a few strokes of illustration can represent the spirit of the flight instructor. This is especially beneficial if you can create your flight instructor business cards without having to go through the institution where you work.

You can freely decide on the images that need to be on the business cards and discuss them with the designer of the business card-making company. The iconic images of airplanes, fighter jets, and a charming man in a pilot’s cap talking in front of a whiteboard are more common.

So, when will you be ready to ask your designer to fulfill your desire to make the flight instructor business cards?


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