There are so many mobile notary business card samples that you can see on the internet. The search engine filters what you are looking for based on keywords that are closer to your needs. Maybe you find a business card sample that is exactly what you want, elegant and professional-looking. But it turns out that you have often encountered the design everywhere.

So, you need to make a few modifications to your mobile public notary business cards so that the design can be much different from what you see. You can also discuss it with a business card designer to get a fresher and more original design.

Golden Touch Mobile Notary Business Cards Sample

The job of a public notary is always related to various kinds of important letters, legality, funds, and assets of important people. It should be the selection of background colors and fonts on the mobile public notary business cards design carefully thought out and adapted to the place you work or personal character if you work independently.

A business card design with a classy touch of gold and black can be your choice. You can use a black background with a particular golden-colored font. Don’t forget to add an image such as an ink feather image in the upper right corner and the company logo in the upper left corner.

A Simple Design with Your Photo

Some mobile notary business card samples show a photo of the notary in the upper left or right corner. This looks like a small job application letter. However, these business cards are quite attractive with a simple design that doesn’t need to add other images and even looks like a mini brochure.

You can use this business card design trend by also displaying a photo of yourself as well as possible but not excessively in the upper right corner or upper left corner. Don’t forget to add your name, website, social media, phone number, office address, and some important points that you need to point out. Some mobile notary business card samples even include an area for the card recipient to scan the QR code to enter the website.

Mobile Notary Business Cards Design with Specific Themes

You may have dedicated yourself to being a mobile notary who does a lot for human rights, justice for women, and other gender issues. You can choose one design from the many mobile notary business card samples that contain a particular theme.

You can put a floral frame on the edge of the business card with pink shades if you do a lot of work related to women’s justice. While the background of the card is a soft white or beige with a think black font. If you do a lot of lands and building ownership letters for certain companies, such as electronics companies or paper mills, you can also use mobile notary business card samples related to the products that the company sells.

You can add details to the image that you put on the top right corner of the card or use a concrete color font to represent the construction company.

Three Tone Color Business Cards Design

You may have come across mobile notary business card samples with three-tone colors. The background of this business card is just a basic color like white, light blue, or ivory yellow. However, on top of that base color are two optional colors that blend well with the design or represent the colors of a certain country’s flag, and a symbol of something.

You can use a white business card background with red and black on it. Similarly, you can use a light blue background with black and maroon on it. You can also choose your three-tone colors according to your needs and feasibility. Take your time to discuss this with a color jux and match expert or a designer who will make your business cards.

There are so many mobile notary business card samples that you look at on the internet, right? Is there any design that you like? However, you can’t just print the card based on that sample. It would be wise to modify the design so that it isn’t too similar to the sample. You can also show all the samples to your designer for reference.


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