The work of a private investigator is confidential. His movements should not be known to anyone, his conversations with related parties should not be leaked to any network, and the instruments he uses must also be tightly closed. So, how do you tell people about the services you provide? You can create a private detective service website complete with email and other contacts directly related to the secret agent in charge. Another important complement is private investigator business cards.

These business cards should be in your pocket at all times so that potential clients can easily get in touch with you without having to open their cell phones and wait for you to mention your cell phone number. When it comes to making business cards, you should consider several reference private investigator business card designs.

To find them on the internet through search engines or social media accounts of artists. The design should represent the nuances of private detective work such as undercover investigations, background checks, asset tracing, communication channel spying, and vehicle tracking.

Identical Icon

Black, dark brown, and blue or gray are neutral colors that are associated with people with secret jobs such as private investigators. You can choose those colors when you want to design private investigator business cards. However, sometimes you can also get out of these identical colors.

Beige, khaki, and soft ivory can be an option for designs with iconic things such as Sherlock Holmes-style hats, Conan Edogawa glasses, Hercule Poirot capes, black boots, dark scarves, dark rubber gloves, and classic smoking pipes.

Private investigator business card designs can also omit identical icons to avoid public suspicion. You only need to include your name with a brief title as a consultant. If you join a private investigator agency, this makes it easy for you to determine the layout of your business card design.

There is only the agency’s company logo with your name as an agent working in it and your contact. Personal contacts should be listed above the private investigator business cards considering that you need to be in direct contact with the client who hired you even if the client picks you up from the agency. However, your safety is still guaranteed by the private investigator agency.

Maintain Your Contact Confidentiality

You know that nowadays it is so easy to make private investigator business cards. Whether you are an independent private investigator or a private investigator who works for a company. You should have at least two different contacts for personal matters and work matters.

List specific contacts to get in touch with your prospective clients including phone numbers, email, website, or social media if needed. Meanwhile, you also need to make personal business cards for personal matters such as exchanging contacts with your future partners or spouse, family, and high-class acquaintances who want to have a confidential relationship with you.

When you contact a private investigator business card designer, it is better to agree with him so that your contacts do not spread anywhere. If necessary you can order business cards in two different places for security reasons. You can also ask the designer to destroy your data after the business card is sent to you.


Working as a professional private investigator is a job with a myriad of risks and threats alongside its lucrative benefits. People who do this job should be provided with safety guarantees from the moment they extend their private investigator cards to potential clients in the future.

Companies providing private investigator services should also be sensitive and take part in maintaining the confidentiality of their agents by not putting personal contacts on their business cards. As an entrepreneur in this field, you can facilitate agents with traceable private investigator business cards so that if anything happens to them, they can be easily found.

If you are an independent private investigator, then you need to have your business cards made by a trusted designer with a strong agreement. The business card designer should destroy your data as soon as you receive a bundle of business cards. Hopefully, your secret business will run smoothly and you can easily find irregularity after irregularity so that the truth can be revealed.


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