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You may have heard a simple line from Albert Einstein: creativity is intelligence having fun. How creativity comes from intelligence that is not taken too seriously. Just playing around creating something every day. All the creativity that you show to the world and that touches many people will raise other people’s views about your intelligence, and vice versa. Like when you have tie-dye business cards.

Everyone who receives your business card will see a unique design, and interesting points, and contain high curiosity to ask who the person behind this business card is. From curiosity then comes the interest to dive into whatever business that person is running.

Another business card unique design that you might come across is rainbow tie dye business cards. The rainbow design is similar to tie-dye where the colors red, yellow, green, blue, and purple combine into one as the background of your business card. However, there is a significant difference between the two where the colorful color forms their patterns that can attract anyone who looks at them.

Tie Dyeing Technique

You might be wondering how it is possible to have tie-dye business cards to highlight your professionalism. But if you look at it, it turns out that tie-dye motifs on business cards can increase the interest of the recipient so that at least he comments: wow this is like my tie-dye shirt at home or how cool!

Furthermore, he will take a closer look at the writing on the business card and without realizing it, he has introduced himself to you because he read it in front of you. It’s a great marketing strategy even on a business card, right?

Tie Dye Motifs

There are so many tie-dye motifs that you can choose as a business card background. We know that this fabric coloring technique is obtained by folding, twisting, and tying the fabric using rubber or rope so that various tie-dye motifs appear including rainbow motifs.

Through digital equipment, making rainbow tie dye business cards has become so easy. It’s like transferring the tie-dye motifs on the fabric into a computer and you print out a unique business card that no other professional businessperson has.

There are at least five tie-dye motifs with alluring pops of color. You might be able to copy those tie-dye motifs to make a cool business card background.

  • Dip Dye Motif. This tie dye technique produces ombre motifs where you can see the combination of onecolor hue to another. You can also play with hues and color gradations from light to dark or vice versa.
  • Accordion Motif. This business card tie-dye motif contains symmetrical lines with many hues of dye. You who are in the business of music and other arts can make this motif on your tie-dye business cards.
  • Jumputan Tie Dye Motif. This is a tie-dye motif that is quite famous on the islands of Java and Bali. The result of binding and dyeing the fabric color will produce a beautiful color spectrum from the final shape of the circle.
  • Japanese Shibori Motif. Japan is also famous for its Shibori motifs. Fabric with an arashi shibori motif, which is shaped like undulating lines like the ocean, has the color of indigo and the natural blue color of shrubs. Your tie-dye business cards will look professional with this charming shibori print.
  • Spiral Tie Dye Pattern. Your tie-day business card will look attractive if you apply this colorful circular motif design.


Having a business card with a unique pattern like tie-dye business cards is a step up from the usual pattern business cards that seem inflexible. How creativity is an expensive selling point for a business.

From the creativity shown through the first introduction on your business card, the intelligence of the man behind the company can be sensed. You can call a business card company to make this tie-dye motif. Then, choose wisely together with the designer. Use the wonderful yet simple design on your card to attract more potential clients now.


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