Business cards to exchange contacts are common nowadays. But what if you use business cards as a marketing strategy? That’s what happens with vending machine business cards. A business card that contains a contact person, whether it’s the owner or the marketing person of a vending machine company, will have an image, slogan, or a brief note about the advantages of the vending machine.

The image of the company and the vending machine products that you sell will already be imagined from the business card that you offer. Since this is a fail-proof marketing strategy, you should choose vending machine business card images carefully and conceptually.

Advantages of Having Vending Machine Business Cards

The advantage of having a special business card for employees in a vending machine company is surely in line with the presence of the vending machine itself in various places. How a person’s high mobility is greatly helped by the existence of a vending machine that has his favorite coffee or another cold drink. Similarly, the usefulness of having vending machine business cards that can be a bridge between the owner or employees and potential clients and several other benefits such as:

  • Easily and quickly reach potential clients.
  • Reduction of marketing costs.
  • Minimize too-long conversations because everything is listed on the business card. Clients can directly contact the customer service number listed. If it is a perspective client who canceled using your product, then you will not lose a lot of time responding to it.
  • Vending machine business card images are not only attractive to prospective clients but also to the employees who have them. Attractive images will pump up their motivation to work.
  • If one business card is lost, then you still have dozens or even hundreds of other business cards.
  • Vending machine business cards are easy to store in important places such as a client’s wallet or shirt pocket.

Winning the Competition with Business Cards

There are so many vending machine providers. You can win the competition even from the first time you extend your vending machine business cards to several prospective clients. In handing over the business card, you should give the client pause to read what is written on the business card. If necessary, you should direct the client to at least glance at your business card.

To overcome the client’s reluctance to read the business card, you can include only important points on the business card. You can focus on the following things:

  • Although business cards can be a fail-proof marketing strategy, it doesn’t mean you have to write a variety of things on that mini-sized piece of paper. The logo, product image, name, title, website, phone number, and email are enough.
  • You can also add your company slogan that keeps the client glued for a few seconds. Such as ‘our vending machine gives you steady warmth and coolness for all seasons and all feelings’ or ‘find our unique vending machine where you need it’.
  • Make sure you take your website seriously, on point, and don’t beat around the bush. Clients usually check the website because they are 75 percent sure they will use your product.
  • Use social media account that is flexible and informative. You can put the website with the name of your social media account or you can just put one. Make sure your website is connected to your social media account and vice versa.
  • The phone number listed is always active and with an agent in charge who is always available. Clients however are reluctant to wait for a long time when calling a company even though they need the product.


As a fail-proof strategy for marketing, vending machine business cards must be made as simple as possible. You can put a contact, logo, slogan, and a brief note about your vending machine product. Don’t forget to choose a suitable image, font, and color before you decide to print that business card.

Just call the business card maker company if you think it’s too hard to design the best business cards. Invite your marketing person to have a good conversation with the business card designer. So, we wish you have a lucrative moment day by day after you give that business card to your prospective clients.


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